Baseball Equipment Recommendations



All bats must either have a 2 ¼” barrel or less OR have the USA Baseball logo to be used in GBSA.

Bats are like shoes, it's really important to buy the right length and weight.

For example, an average size 9 year old usually swings a  27-28” bat.  1st and 2nd graders will probably need a 26" or 27".   Here are some basic sizing guidelines.


There are “pro-tips” on the Dick’s website (linked below) that explain how to determine weight and length.  It also talks about materials.  Please IGNORE the height/bat length chart.  From GBSA's experience,  it is WAY OFF.

How to Buy the Right Baseball Bat


Experienced GBSA parents have had good luck with these brands:

  • Easton
  • Louisville Slugger

Below are a few links for bats rated 4 stars or above at Dick's Sporting Goods.  GBSA would recommend reading reviews prior to purchase and going to the store to see if someone can help you.  Call before you go, some of the associates know how to properly fit a bat and others don't.

You can also get good deals on used bats on eBay.


Batting Helmets

Again,GBSA would recommend you try these on in a sporting goods store.   You will want to consider if you would like your child to have a jaw guard protection, full face guard, or no guards. Remember in GBSA, we have inexperienced pitchers - batters do often get hit with balls once kid pitch begins (3rd grade).

Brands GBSA experienced parents have used and recommend:

  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Easton

Below are a few links for helmets:

noun_Baseball Glove_514161

Baseball Gloves

Again, these are about fit.  Here is a wonderful resource with a size chart:

Again, GBSA would recommend going to a sporting goods store and have the kids try them on.   Brands that are typically reliable are:

  • Wilson
  • Rawlings

Here are a couple gloves that are rated over 4 stars.

If you have a die hard baseball player and want to splurge, purchase a Bradley Baseball glove.  If you email the owner (Jeff) he'll tell you what size you need.