Registration Opens March 8th!

This summer GBSA will be offering youth baseball and softball teams.  The following are our leagues that will be offered (grades as of the 2019-20 school year):

Leagues For Boys:

Mosquito League (coach pitch): grades 1 & 2
Intermediate League (kid pitch): grades 3 & 4
Little League (kid pitch): grades 5 & 6

Leagues For Girls:

Minor League (coach pitch): grades 1 & 2
Intermediate (kid pitch): grades 3 & 4
Major League (kid pitch): grades 5 & 6


Each team will play 10-12 games and compete in the end of the season league tournament.  Games for Mosquito, Minor, and Intermediate (Boys), are all held at Grandview Parks and Recreation fields.  Intermediate (Girls), Major League, and Little League may require travel to some away fields such as Bexley, Upper Arlington, and Gahanna. 

The fees for participation are:

Coach Pitch Leagues: $80
Kid Pitch Leagues: $90
Family Cap: $200

Registration will close on April 3rd.